Allow Us to Answer some Common Questions
What’s The Cleaning Gurus difference?

Our Cleaning Gurus are expertly trained to follow proven Germ Zero protocols that deliver the most effective cleaning and disinfection available on this planet.

Achieving excellence is more than the products or equipment that are used. It’s also about training the right people who care about you and will provide detailed cleaning and disinfecting that meet the desired results.

Our best practices include:

  • Taking a “safety first” approach in our training and procedures.
  • Training our Cleaning Gurus staff on our Germ Zero cleaning technology to ensure a consistently high-quality clean.
  • Using the very best cleaning and disinfecting products on the planet and following procedures to prevent cross-contamination and eliminate the spread of germs.
  • Ensuring effective communication which includes an ongoing quality and service assurance feedback loop with our clients.
What’s the difference between ‘cleaning’ and ‘disinfecting’?

Common industry cleaning uses tools and cleaning solutions to remove dirt from a surface and make it look fresh and tidy. The cleaning process alone does not necessarily kill germs.

Disinfection goes a step further by safely using FDA approved cleaning solutions that kill 99.99% of any harmful microbes and lower the risk of spreading infection. Both of these steps must be performed properly as part of a thorough cleaning and disinfection routine to help minimize illness and keep your home safe.

Now, more than ever, the emphasis is on more than just cleaning, it’s on sanitizing and disinfecting so you can breathe easy, relax, and protect those you love.

How Does Your Germ Zero Cleaning technology work?

Our revolutionary technology uses an FDA approved hospital-grade disinfectant that is effective at eliminating 99.99% of harmful bacteria, germs, viruses and mold.

Depending on the service you select, the Cleaning Gurus will either spray it directly onto surfaces, or use a hand-held fogging machine that will disperse the disinfectant in each room which will penetrate 100% of the area.

Is your Germ Zero Cleaning technology safe?

Our disinfectant is biodegradable, food safe, child and pet friendly, fragrance free and non-toxic. The disinfectant can be used over most surfaces and objects in your home or business. These include food preparation areas, children’s toys, dog bowls, and more. There’s no wiping or rinsing required.

Who Provides the Cleaning Supplies?

We provide the talent and the Germ Zero cleaning technology. To avoid cross contamination, we use biodegradable single use cleaning clothes, and you should provide a vacuum cleaner, mop, and toilet bowl brush.

Can I be home during my service.

We ask you to either leave the space entirely, or keep to a room or area of your home that you can “trade off” when the time comes. This includes for your pets. If you select the cleaning services where a mist is sprayed into each room, the room must be vacated for at least 15 minutes. We also ask that no one else be present during the cleaning, including tradespeople, as it makes our work harder and will extend the time and cost of your service.

Are You Bonded and Insured?

You bet, protection of our customers and our staff is very important to us! We can provide proof of insurance if requested.

What happens if you break or damage something?

We believe in shining a spotlight on an issue rather than sweeping it under the rug. If something gets broken or damaged, our staff are trained to photograph it and report it immediately, without reprimand. They are careful and considerate of each space they attend, but every now and then something can happen (we are human, after all). Once reported to the office, we contact you to discuss a fair and quick resolution. We do ask that any irreplaceable items be put away and anything you are concerned about is noted at the time of booking. Please note, we don’t repair or replace existing damaged or improperly installed items.

What is your Fair Treatment Policy?

Trust and Safety.

The Cleaning Gurus reserves the right to cancel any service, at any time, for any reason. Racism, sexism, disrespect, discrimination, or any form of harassment or abusive behaviour toward our office staff or Cleaning Gurus will result in immediate and permanent termination of service. (Let’s keep it clean, shall we?)

Do You Have a Guarantee?

Our Cleaning Gurus Guarantee is your Quality Assurance

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal! As a team, we strive to earn your trust and confidence by providing a uniquely tailored service and exceptional, consistent quality. We are committed to rising to your expectations and ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with our work.

Enjoy the peace of mind of our Cleaning Gurus Guarantee. This means doing the job right so you are happy, and if you are ever not absolutely satisfied with any service we provide, let us know and we will promptly return to address your concerns, at no additional charge.

How does payment work?

When you book your service, you’ll need to provide a credit card that will be saved on your account. Your card will have a hold placed on it the day before your clean, and will be charged the day after your service takes place. You’ll receive an invoice for the cleaning via email.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my service?

Contact us 48 hours in advance of our visit and we’ll gladly reschedule or cancel the appointment. We do have a 25% cancellation fee for the cost of the service if the visit is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.

What if I have pets?

Please let us know if you have pets. To allow our staff to work uninterrupted and for the safety of your pet, we ask that you put your pet in a room and be able to “trade off” when the time comes. If your pet can not be moved by you, we may not be able to properly disinfect that room, because if you select the cleaning services where a mist is sprayed into each room, the room must be vacated for at least 15 minutes.